Spring and Fall School Tours

We seek to educate kids about where their food comes from, how it gets to their plate and give them a little glance of life on the farm through educational activities during our spring and fall school tours.  We strive to create a place of fun and educational farm experiences for people of all ages.  Learning is easy when you're in a fun place!  Country Barn School Tours align with Pennsylvania State Curriculum Standards in Science, Family and Consumer Sciences and Food Science and Nutrition for grades pre-k to 3rd grade.  Join us for a wagon tour around our farm, a healthy snack and interaction with some of the animals on our farm!

Wagon Ride: We start the tour with a wagon ride around our farm passing by the different fields
explaining what grows in each field and the life cycle of every crop. 

Animal Segment: We get off the wagon at Barnyard Kingdom and teach the kids about different
animals and their life cycles (including chickens, pigs and beef cattle). 

Spring Tour
Farm a plant: The kids will enjoy a little taste of farming when they go inside our
greenhouse and plant their own flower! 

Fall Tour
Pick a Pumpkin: We take a wagon ride to the field and everyone gets to pick their
own small pumpkin to bring home. 

Snack Time: First we wash our hands! Then we enjoy a healthy snack in one of our barns and
talk about the history of barns. 

School Tours generally last around 2 hours and are great for different levels of students.
Call 717-872-1554 or email Katie at to schedule your tour!

Other educational opportunities:

You are invited to participate in the Rent a Chick Program hosted by the Country Barn!   The idea of the Rent a Chick Program is to teach kids and students the responsibility involved in taking care of a young life.  There are endless ways to create memorable lesson plans for your students with a baby animal in your classroom—plus, they are really cute and your kids will love learning about their lives and taking care of them every day!

The Rent a Chick program is in its third year and our participants have loved bringing the baby birds into their homes and we would love to bring it to your classroom as well!