It is officially Spring!

Spring is a highly anticipated season! After months of dreary skies, cold days and nights and unpredictable weather, Spring is the beginning of something new.  Although our winter was relatively mild, it's nice to know that warmer days are ahead of us.

Stella was our late reminder that winter can be rough.

For farmers a storm like Stella after a period of nice, warm, Spring-like weather can be worrisome.  We all had our eyes on an early Spring and warm weather--so did area fruit trees!  Each blossom of a fruit tree represents a future apple, peach or apricot etc this coming summer and fall.  When trees get tricked into the tempting warm weather, their blossoms come out too soon and then get frosted (and can die) the next time the temperature drops.  Many will rebound, but some will not. That represents a loss of crop and income for the farmer tending the trees.

At the Country Barn Farm we were thankful to be able to get into the fields a little earlier this year.  Farmer Jim began planting before Stella and was able to get some of our potato, onion and snap pea crop into the ground.  Knowing it could get cold again, he planted everything under rows of plastic to keep the growing plants nice and warm.  He updated us that the crops are doing well so far!

We are looking forward to warmer days, to get more crops in the ground, and to put our winter jackets away.  As we get closer to Spring-like weather, the Market & Greenhouse will be there to help you add color to your beds and get your own veggies in the ground.

In the Market now we have seed potatoes and pansies--more to come, stay tuned!

planting onions.png