Important Sunflower Update:

Important Sunflower Update:  We have been watching our Sunflower Fields all week and sadly have been watching them slowly deteriorate before our eyes and we feel the fields are no longer at their prime.  We did everything in our power to have beautiful blooms for our festival weekends including staggering the planting of our fields, planting several different varieties and planting branching varieties so as to have a higher likelihood of blooms for a longer period of time.  As in all of our agricultural endeavors, Mother Nature has the final say.  In the last two weeks the fields have been through heavy rain and extreme temperatures.  We wanted to be proactive and let you know ahead of your visit this weekend.

We are thankful that the Sunflowers did their job attracting pollinators to the farm and will be able to be harvested for their seeds in the coming weeks, but they are not at the level of beauty many of you expect any longer.

This weekend we will still be offering our activities and you will have the opportunity to go through the fields.  As of this afternoon, our latest planted field has not yet given up and still has some nice blooms available. You are also welcome to cut a “Bonus” past stage sunflower to take home for replanting, baking or birdfeed.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for supporting our family farm!

The Country Barn is a diversified, 82 acre farm located in beautiful Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Our guests step out of the high tech world and into a natural farm setting to enjoy a variety of authentic farm experiences. Whether you are shopping for fresh produce and baked goods at our Farm Market, watching Lancaster’s first pig show at the Barnyard Kingdom, enjoying a night of country line dancing, spending the night in our historic Manor View Inn or hosting the wedding of your dreams, The Country Barn is sure to provide you with a memorable, authentic Lancaster County Farm experience.

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